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What's the die processing ?

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What's the die processing ? FEIYA Precision Mould tells you the fact.

Mold processing is the process of forming and blanking tools, there also include shear mode and die-cutting mold. Normally, the mold has two parts, the upper and lower mold. The steel plate placed between the upper and lower die in the press to achieve the role of material molding, when the press is open, we will get the workpiece which determined by the shape of mold or remove the corresponding waste. 

From electronic connectors to large car dashboard of the workpiece, All of them can be molded with a mold. A progressive die is a set of molds that automatically moves the machined workpiece from one station to another and obtains the finished part at the last station.


Die processing technology, including: cutting die, blank die, stamping die, composite die, extrusion die, cut mold, four slide mode, progressive die, stamping die, die-cutting mold,etc.


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