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Progressive sheet metal stamping

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Metal Stamping
Stamping Die Services will be your complete solution for metal stamping production.  We can design, toolmaking, manufacturing and run progressive stamping dies up to 144 inches in length. At FEIYA, we regularly handle tonage ranging from 60 to 600 in both low and high volume production. we can offer you a top quality metal stamping solution.
Feiya skilled welding technicians can handle welding of all metals. At FEIYA, we’ll handle your light structural fabrications and general fabrications from small to large in scale. When you need a top quality fabrication solution.
Our prototype specialty is small to medium complex parts such as auto plastic brackets, fasteners, clips and wire terminals clamps. When you need a top quality prototype solution, we will help from head to toe.
Tool & Die
Our facility is fully equipped to meet your production demands with CNC machining capability, wire EDM machines, and automated grinding equipment.  We produce progressive, compound, and line dies. If you need a top quality stamping tool & die solution.
Some of the manufacturing services such as sheet metal stamping die spare parts, offer you high precision spare parts with small or large volume manufacturing. 
We promise because we can!
MITSUBISHI EDM can machining mirror discharge,  the EDM angle-clearing can done less than 0.03mm, the tolerance can be within ±0.005mm. 
Flat grinder, the workers have more than 10 years grinding experience, the tolerance can be within ±0.002mm.
SODICK and SEIBU wire-cutting machine. The minimum copper wire  we can do is 0.1mm, the R angle can be done 0.08mm. The tolerance can be within ±0.002mm.
Taiwan ZhengLi high speed punching machine, the specification is 30, 45, 60 and 80tons, the punching speed is 800 shots/minute.
Injection mold machine. the specification: 30tons-150tons.
TaiWan YiQing big grinder, the stroke from 600mm to 800mm, which can promise the mirror grinding, tolerance can be within ±0.002mm.      
Assembly workshop: 8 fitter workers, all of whom with more than 10 years assembly experience in this area, which guarantee the mold quality and shorten the delivery time.
The characteristics of Seibu have powerful automatic threading device, the machining accuracy of pitch ±1μm, the range of application of wire diamater Φ0.05-0.3mm and the maximum slope can reach 45 degrees, making it meets the diversification processing needs from simple cavity inserts to complex shape of preicison machining parts. The double positioning of rails and screw ensures the accuracy of the machine, and make sure it can meet various challenges of processing of precision molds and spare parts.
To achieve good completely filling of low pressure, smoothness and the balance of cavity.
Complete evolution of the third generation direct drive system, the core elements necessary of precise stability forming. Promotion of mold precision and stability, protect the mold, and consider the cleanliness of the production environment. 
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