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Plastic parts production

Wholesale plastic injection molding parts, mobile phone connectors, customized metal connectors, plastic electrical connectors , oem automotive spare parts, car shell, all these parts can be offered by Feiya, Our technical process and production experience has been mature after developed for 13 years.

Feiya is a precision stamping die manufacturer which offers progressive stamping die tools, precision plastic injection molding tools, CNC machining service from prototype to spare parts, as long as you tell us your special needs or designs, buy stamping terminal parts from professional stamping die factory sweep all your concerns by the powerful manufacturing ability, we become the leader in insert injection molding, easily deformable parts injection molding,multi-cavity injection molding, gas-assistant injection mold, stamping die terminals and so on.

Main products:plastic injection moldingrogressive stanmping die partscustomized injection mouldOEM high precision metal terminal parts

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