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What is CNC machining?

Computer numerical control(CNC) machine is an automatic machine with program control system.The control system can logically dispose program with control code or other symbolic instruction provided,and decode it, thus let the machine work and process components. English abbreviation is CNC.

Advantages of CNC machining

Compared with ordinary machine tool,the characteristic of  CNC machining as following:
• With high precision, reliable quality.
• Carrying on multi-coordinate linkage,  processing parts with complicated shape.
• Saving the preparation of production time; Only adjust CNC procedure when the machining parts are changed.
• Owning high precision and strong rigidity automatically. As well as choosing favorable processing.
• High automatic, meanwhile reducing  labor force.
• Higher demand of operation and Technical Maintenance Staff.

Working principle

Different with plastic injection molded service and stamping die service, the CNC machining is another kind technology to process the metal to shaped parts.

CNC machine generally consists of the following sections:
• Host, it is the main body of CNC machine, including machine tools, columns, spindle, feed mechanism and other mechanical components. It is used to complete a variety of machining parts of the machinery.
• CNC device is the core of CNC machine, including hardware (printed circuit board, CRT display, key box, tape reader, etc.) and the corresponding software for the input of digital parts program and complete the input information storage, data transform, interpolate computation and realize various control functions.
• Driving device, which is the driving part of the CNC machine actuator, including the spindle drive unit, feed unit, spindle motor and feed motor. It controls the spindle and feed via electrical or electro-hydraulic servo system under the control of CNC device. When several feed linkage, you can complete the positioning, straight line, plane curve and space curve processing.
• Auxiliary devices, some of the necessary supporting components of CNC machine, to ensure the operation of CNC machine, such as cooling, chip removal, lubrication, lighting, monitoring and so on.

CNC machining service

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