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  • On the Design Concept of Export Injection Mold


    1. Concept of export mold According to the different design concepts and styles of molds, at present, the export molds can be simply divided into three categories, namely, the three standard systems. Japan and South Korea in Asia, and even Taiwan in China, the mold styles are very similar. The mold Read More

  • Introduction of Plastic Precision Injection Molding


    Concept of precision injection molding Precision injection molding is a kind of injection molding method, which is difficult to meet the requirements by using general injection molding machine and conventional injection molding process because of the high dimensional repetition precision of the inje Read More

  • Working principle of mold structure and instructions for using parts


    To fulfill the needs of metal stamping and plastic injection molding customers choose Feiya as they deliver custom contract manufacturing solution that fulfills your product design requirements. Flexibility and customizability are the manufacturing molding capabilities of different materials, allowi Read More

  • Challenges to Overcome in Current Chinese Precision Stamping Die Industry


    According to archeological findings, as early as 2000 years ago, China stamping dies had been used to manufacture copperware, proving that China's ancient stamping forming and stamping mold achievements have led the world. In 1953, Changchun No. 1 Automobile Factory established the first die worksho Read More

  • How to improve stamping mold parts in stamping mold processing plants?


    As we all know, the length of the stamping die service life greatly affects the quality of the order products of stamping parts, as well as the daily production efficiency. So, in the field of mechanical parts manufacturing, stamping die processing, how to increase the service life of stamping dies Read More

  • Why is the mold part heat treated?


    In order to make metal workpieces have the required mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties, in addition to the reasonable selection of materials and various forming processes, heat treatment processes are often essential. Iron and steel are the most widely used material i Read More

  • Attention: Epidemic Effect Is Reducing, Full Work Resumption Mode Is Starting


    Feiya has already restarted to serve customers. In the next days, we will complete all the orders on time because of enough working force and workers. We always pursue to be the best precision injection molds supplier. In order to ensure the smooth return of employees and continue to serve customers Read More

  • Without a few such equipment, I'm sorry to say that it is for precision molds!


    During the design and manufacture of precision mould, most manufacturers just like the China precision plastic injection die manufacturers usually take a lot of factors into consideration. This is usually the case since the manufacture of modern mechanized injection mould involves different element Read More

  • High-end precision manufacturing CNC machining technology


    The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining technology is one tool that has found its way into the workplace of various manufacturing and designing firms. In most cases, anywhere the term CNC machining is mentioned, the word “precision” follows right immediately, and this may keep you wondering Read More

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