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The most demanded machines from the CNC machining parts manufacturers

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When it comes to the field of CNC machining, they are usually processed in Chinese machine shops by the CNC machining parts manufacturers.

Here, let’s look at the most demanded machining.

The lathe and turning

The lathe executes a rotary movement to carry out different machining operations with the help of metal blades, as well as other tools such as drill bits. There is a different blade and a different process for each type of operation.


While in the clamping plate of the lathe gripped with the jaws, the parts to be machined can be clamped. With the cross slide you work with the blades and with the tailstock it can, in turn, be machined with morse cones or used as a support point.


Without leaving any out, the operations that can be performed are: drilling, straight roughing, curved roughing, curved referencing, refining, straight referencing. Without neglecting operations such as parting, grinding internally, making internal angles, grooving, among others.


Milling and milling machine

This is another one of the machining machines, while the tool rotates, the part moves when machined, unlike the lathe. It is milled by rolling or rubbing. There are different kinds of milling machines: horizontal, vertical, and universal.



Its main function is to move a head or tool trolley (also called Ram) with a blade moving forward and backward on some jaws where the piece is located.


This is a machine that removes material linearly from inside a hole. The cutting movement of the machining is executed by the tool, while the advance movement is carried out by the table where the workpiece is placed.


Grinding machines

There are different types of grinding machines and they are very similar to lathes and milling machines. Its functions include rectifying engine parts, among other things. Uses like planning cylinder heads or blocks and honing are normal.


Cutting machines

There are both electric, pneumatic or hydropneumatic. Being possible from cutting discs to liquid pressure.


Broaching machine

The cutting movement in this machine is carried out by a brush tool with multiple progressive edges, which tear material from the piece with a purely linear movement.


Boring machine

It is used for the machining of holes in cubic pieces when it is necessary that said holes have a very close tolerance, as well as a quality of machining.


Custom Precision Stamping Mould


This last machining machine has two solid discs or abrasive discs, which have different sizes of mineral grains joined together with binders. The larger the grain, the greater the grinding capacity and the lower its numbering or with a more backward letter of the alphabet.


Instead of these discs, you can put others with multiple sandpaper attached to a shaft, or with wires. These others are used both to sharpen tools and to remove small excesses. Over time, the uniformity of its surface is affected and it is necessary to replace it with the help of profilers.


Where to order machining machines?

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