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Challenges to Overcome in Current Chinese Precision Stamping Die Industry

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According to archeological findings, as early as 2000 years ago, China stamping dies had been used to manufacture copperware, proving that China's ancient stamping forming and stamping mold achievements have led the world. In 1953, Changchun No. 1 Automobile Factory established the first die workshop in China. The factory began manufacturing automobile cover molds in 1958. China began to produce fine blanking dies in the 1960s.


Situation of stamping mold market

Chinese stamping dies have greatly developed both in quantity and in terms of quality, technology and capabilities. However, compared with the national economic needs and world advanced levels, the gap is still large. Some large, precise, complex, long High-end molds with a long service life are still imported in large quantities every year, especially the cover molds for mid-to-high-end cars, which are still mainly imported. Some low-grade simple dies have tended to oversupply and the market is fiercely competitive.

Chinese Precision Stamping Die

1.CAD / CAM technology status

The combination of rapid prototyping (RP) and traditional rapid economic molds enables the rapid manufacturing of large-scale automobile cover molds, which solves the problem of the original low-melting alloy molds relying on prototype casting molds, low mold accuracy, low accuracy, and difficult sample production. Revolving around automobile body trial production and rapid manufacturing of large cover molds, some new rapid prototyping methods have also emerged in recent years, such as mold less multi-point molding, laser impact and electromagnetic molding technologies that have begun to be applied in production. They all show advantages such as reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


2. Status of mold design and manufacturing capabilities

Multi-stage progressive die and multi-functional die, which mark the advanced level of die technology, are the key mold precision varieties in China. A typical example is an iron core precision automatic valve multi-function mold integrating mechanical and electrical integration, which has basically reached the international level. Compared with foreign multi-stage progressive molds, there are still some gaps in manufacturing accuracy, service life, mold structure and function. The manufacturing technology of automobile cover molds is continuously improved and improved and the use of high-precision and high-efficiency processing equipment is becoming more and more widespread.


The development focus and prospects of stamping dies

At present, what is urgently needed to develop are automotive cover molds, multifunctional, multi-position progressive dies and compound die stamping. The production and demand of these molds are now very contradictory, and the development prospects are good. The development focus of multi-functional, multi-station progressive die is high-precision, high-efficiency and large-scale, long-life progressive die. The development focus in fine blanking dies is large precision blanking dies for thick plates, and its accuracy is continuously improved.


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