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What Type of Stamping Dies Do You Need?

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Every exceptional metal fabrication with consistent design and specification is a function of the right equipment. 

Stamping Dies

The China sheet stamp dies plays a key role in the fabrication of quality shapes that meet the needs of various clients.

Stamp dies are precision tools that are used in cutting metal sheets into shapes with good design and specifications.

In fact, for a perfect and smooth production involving the transformation of metal sheets into various shapes, the China sheet metal stamping dies sourced from a reliable and experienced manufacturer should be your goal. 

Types Of Metal Stamping Operation 

The basic types of stamping dies operation used in metal fabrication are:

1. Progressive Die Stamping

The progressive die stamping operation is a high-speed operation that uses a sequence of stamping stations. 

This method is good for long runs and high-volume production because the process is highly repeatable and the dies last longer without damage. 

More so, it provides an economical method of getting parts into production with a limited amount of wasted scrap.

2. Transfer Die Stamping

The transfer die stamping is mostly used on a larger part that may require the transfer of the part to different presses. 

The parts are separated from the metal trip and transferred from one station to another using a conveyor belt. 

Most outstanding is the fact that that transfer die stamping is appropriate for both medium and large sizes of workpiece.  

3. Four-Slide Stamping

The four slide stamping is ideal for forming shapes that have twists or many bends. 

This stamping uses four sliding tools to shape the material using multiple deformations. 

The cost of four-slide stamping is relatively low and the production is fast. Besides, different tools can be attached to each slide to perform specific tasks.

Cutting of Metal Using The China Sheet Metal Stamping Dies

Metal cutting is one of the main features of the China sheet metal stamping dies, and the level of cutting depends on the nature cutting operation. 

However, each operation has a specific approach to cutting, and some of the approaches used include:

a. Piercing

Piercing is a process that involves cutting of the sheet metal to form a hole in it. Piercing is also known as perforation. 

The perforated metal ball that comes out from the hole is thrown away as scrap. 

b. Lancing

In lancing, the workpiece is sliced in a way that moves it without removing from the strip. 

Part carriers such as stretch web and flex are mostly produced using this function of stamping dies

c. Embossing 

Embossing is a way of producing a recessed design in a metal sheet by pressing the raw blank against a die that contains the shape you are intending to produce. 

d. Notching

Here, the China sheet metal stamping dies is used to progressively cut the exterior part of the metal strip, and this serves as a strip profile that is needed for a particular project.

e. Trimming 

The stamping dies are used to trim the sheet metal into various shapes, and the outer perimeter of the sheet is cut until it achieves the expected dimension.

f. Shearing 

Shearing is appropriate for sheets that have a rectangular or square shape, and the sheet is cut in a straight line to form the desired shape.


Metal stamping dies plays an important role in the fabrication of consistent and quality shapes.  

For your production line to transform metal sheets into special shapes the China sheet metal stamping dies from a reliable and experienced manufacturer is a must.


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