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What are the materials used to make progressive stamping dies?

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Suzhou Progressive stamping die manufacturing materials are complex, the type of material and the quality have impact on the quality of the mold, FEIYA Precision Mould introduces the material to create progressive stamping die

Manufacturing stamping die materials are steel, hard alloy, steel bonded carbide, zinc-based alloys, low melting point alloys, aluminum bronze, polymer materials and so on. Most of the materials used in the manufacture of stamping dies are mainly steel, and the types of commonly used mold parts are carbon tool steel, low alloy tool steel, high carbon high chromium or medium chrome tool steel, medium carbon alloy steel, Matrix steel and cemented carbide, steel bonded carbide and so on.

FEIYA Precision Mould is specialized in producing all kinds of electronic stamping parts, such as wire cutting,forming grinding, spark discharge machining, CNC machining. The company's plastic mold products are widely used in automobiles, mobile phones, computers, digital equipment, communications equipment.

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