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The basic characteristics of mold processing

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What are the basic characteristics of mold processing? Feiya will share the basic characteristics of the mold processing to you. Kunshan Feiya Precision Mold Co., Ltd. mainly produces and processes all kinds of Suzhou stamping dies and plastic molds, automobile stamping dies, small household electrical appliances plastic molds, automotive plastic molds, terminal stamping dies, USB dies and mold parts processing.

1. high precision machining

2. complex shape

3. small batch

4. many processes 

5. repetitive production

6. profiling processing

7. the mold material is excellent

According to the above characteristics, in the selection of machine tools need to meet the processing requirements . Such as the numerical control system function should stronger, the machine precision must be high, the rigid is better, the thermal stability is better, the duplication function and so on.


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