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Precision and mirror EDM How to choose spark oil?

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Today, high-end CNC EDM machine tools in the mold factory more and more popular.

In the processing of fine or mirror surface, if you do not meet the requirements of the spark oil, prone to surface uneven or even carbon deposition!

What are the requirements for EDM for spark oil?

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1. Low viscosity: This indicator is particularly important for EDM finishing. Low viscosity spark oil flow performance is better, making the processing part of the processing of the distribution of uniform distribution of processing chips easy to discharge, this performance and surface processing performance is directly related to high viscosity will be prone to surface uneven, carbon deposition.

2. High flash point, high boiling point: high flash point, not easy to fire; high boiling point, not easy vaporization, loss.

3. Good insulation: to maintain the appropriate insulation between the electrode and the workpiece strength.

4. Environmental protection: processing as little as possible decomposition of harmful gases, do not stimulate the skin, the processing environment does not pollute, no corrosion.

5. Good stability: oxidation safety is better, long life.

6. Moderate price: the price should be moderate, easy to use, replacement.


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