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The application of plastic injection molded products to Package industry

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In the packaging industry, plastic injection molding process get more and more attentions. The reason is that people use a multi-layer mold. This is a hot runner technology progress. Through the use of thin-walled injection molding process can save the cost of raw materials. Other special processes such as stamper marking and multicomponent technology also play a positive role in reducing process steps, increasing yield and improving efficiency.

Plastic packaging materials, especially in the food industry, have contributed greatly to improving the standard of living of today because of their light weight and durability. In addition, it is unimaginable to distribute products manufactured by large-scale industrialization to all over the world without the packaging material. Therefore, overall, the whole plastic packaging market mainly deep-drawn plastic film packaging has been rapid growth  in the past few years. Among them, injection molding packaging materials, such as crates or cups are on the rise and gradually replace thermoformed packaging materials.

Starting from this point, one can deduce the following trends:

Higher material costs and additional emissions allow people to use light-weight packaging materials.

The requirements of the performance of packaging materials are getting higher and higher. Good packaging materials should have many features nowadays, such as good writability, prevention of accidental opening and accurate weight distribution.

Due to the globalization of processing and marketing of packaging materials, the output of packaging materials has been rapidly increasing. The result is a multi-layer cavity mold has been widely used.

This development not only has an impact on production, but also affects the product itself. While productivity improvements and product weight reductions have always been top priorities, other issues such as consumer protection and word mark-up may still arise.

The requirements for comfort and consumer protection can be met by a corresponding safety catch. In order to increase the strength of the edge portion, it is possible to add fastening ribs. This measure can improve the overall performance of the material, if it is thermoformed material, it is impossible to achieve this effect. In addition, good transparency of polypropylene can exert optical properties, through the stamping stamp can save the printing process.



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