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Plastic Injection Molding Prototype Technical Flow and Suggestions

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Plastic injection molding prototype is the base of injection molding parts making,  prototype designs is necessary for cusotmizing the plastic spare parts manufacturing. guideline for plastic injection molding prototype.

After receiving the customer's CASE, first of all, we need to understand the customer's requirements (such as: the appearance of the product requirements, structural requirements, or some other special parameters), then  communicate with customers; Next, we must begin to analyze how to do this product, mainly to check the product drafting and flesh, some of the column and rib shrinkage treatment (these are necessary, can reduce some unnecessary trouble in the future to open the mold, improve your customer's mind In the position).

The specific process of mold design (example is mold design of Pro / E 3D design, and then complete all the design based on 2D CAD) is as follows:

1.Product rankings which will determine the size of the mold, the designer's experience and the company's requests are two points);

2. Consider the product shrinkage (shrink) into the design;

3. Confirm the size of mold kernel;

4 Start to do parting surface, where the test is a real effort, not only 3D  to use well, the mold structure is more important;

5 Finished the parting surface, you can separate the mold,according to before and after, inserts, oblique top and so on;

6. The next step is to do the hot runner, which is related to the company's production costs and product quality, design, so it is very important;

7. The following is the layout of the cooling water, reeling place and thimble arrangement (if it is designed with EMX, then make sure the reference point be accurate);

8. If it is designed by CAD, you can transfer it to be 2D, directly put it into the mold embryo finish the design inside the CAD.

9. After finish the kennel design, The mold embryo design will start,  First, take the size and structure of the mold core to set the size and shape of the mold embryo (such as a large nozzle, a small nozzle, etc.);  then, do the color control, so that the back of the parts map can be faster and easier to identify);

10. Lleads the water to the embryo mold, and reeling, drawing slingshot, rubbish nails, top stick hole, at the same time, to be expressed in the profile. do not forget to draw spray mouth. If it is a thin water nozzle, then pull the nozzle pull rod, the shutter should be designed here, if there is a line of mold, you should first design a good place;

11. The next step is to support the mold head, lock mold and pocketed pit;

12.Last thins is to do BOM table, done on the frame, check the prototype carefully, then  send it to customer for confirmation.

All these points are important to car parts plastic prototype factory, they are professional on designing,  prototype mold exporter too.

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