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Does medical spare parts manufacturing be a good business chance?

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The development in the field of medical device injection molding makes sense to different manufacturers: for example, it can be a transition from the manufacture of auto parts or a new type of cutting-edge industries, but at a time when the current recession is difficult to recover quickly Absolutely not. Medical equipment manufacturers will tell you: to join the medical equipment forming industry needs time, financial resources, energy and so on. started its career in the field of cleanroom medical device manufacturing a few years ago. Richard, the vice president of marketing, said: 'The medical forming industry will provide you with many sustainable businesses, but at the same time There are a number of hurdles that many injection molders do not understand, lots of upfront investment and preparation such as long product development cycles and many clinical trials, and the ISO standard can also hinder long-term product development. '

So is it worth investing? The answer is certainly yes for the right producer, but are you the right producer?

Needless to say, the demand for medical equipment is bullish all the way. According to data from a U.S. market research firm, it is estimated that the value of the U.S. healthcare market will grow at an average annual rate of 8% by 2017. As baby boomers arrive, demand for medical products will rise from $ 412 billion in 2006 to $ 575 billion in 2011 and $ 800 billion in 2017.

To become a manufacturer of medical supplies must consider a clear set of issues, the first obstacle can be summarized as: economic stability. 'Any medical equipment manufacturer must ensure that its financial position is good so that long-term and stable sales contracts can be obtained and suppliers and mold injection companies must each perform their duties to establish a long-term relationship.' Richard German said.

The second criterion to pass is: Have a good production record. 'In addition to financial stability, suppliers are most concerned about the production history of mold injection molding companies,' said Ryan, president of Czuba Enterprises. 'If you have not done a similar job before, it is hard to convince other companies to provide you with this medical accessory Contract. 'Perhaps the automotive part molding experience may help, but not as much as you think, because it's not as strict as the medical industry's standards.



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