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Technical Characteristic of Progressive Stamping Die

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Knowing more advantages of progressive stamping die processing helps you save cost and reduce the lost. technical characteristic of progressive stamping die give you guide and support.

1, The most important thing is efficiency. Productivity is spectacular.

2. Lower dependence on labor, resulting in lower costs.

3. Safety risks have been controlled,  safety is the priority to a production-oriented enterprises, it will be the first obstacle to cost control if the safety lost control.

4. According to the design experience and technological advances, it can produce more sophisticated products.

5, Progressive stamping die, suitable for large-scale automated production. Representative products are computer connectors, automotive terminals, medical terminals, Now the punching speed can reach 2000 / min, mostly using DOBBY and other presses. Product accuracy can be controlled in the range of 0.01MM ~ 0.05MM fluctuation. Mold processing accuracy between 0.001 ~ 0.003 MM. The full use of processing equipment, walking wire, CNC, spark machine.

From progressive stamping die design to processing even assembly that all aspects get strict control. In order to meet the diversification of automatic production, stable quality, parallel production of multiple devices, protect the safety and enhance productivity  in the meantime.

Advanced equipment, precision molds to ensure the accuracy of the parts, improve efficiency. however, the mold also need to switch the fixture quickly and accurately, our mold will get yout aim done . Our mold processing accuracy of up to 0.002-0.003mm, professional design, assembly team, sophisticated processing equipment can ensure the accuracy of the parts with the mold production rate can be debugged to 200-240 times / min and stable production. As a auto terminal stamping parts mold manufacturer, we are looking for the superior business partners in the world to make the all metal parts be precise as well as needle.

Below picture show the accuracey can be reached by our molding tools, since the punching times multiple, the productivity be improved quickly as you want, since the molding spare parts to electronical products have high requests. for the features of progressive stamping die are useful to new fresher.



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