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Positive Review on Progressive Stamping Die Tooling by French Customer

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We accepted one customers from France months ago, and he was satisfied with our service and technology,  we make the progressive stamping die molding tool for him, he gave us positive feedback about our service and products, especially for the precision of the molding tooling.

The customer simulates the stamping process to analyze and validate the tool design, simulate the stamping process and evaluate the resulting formed parts. Users can optimize and refine the design for trim lines and spring back within the ProgSim tool and then export the results back to Cimatron to refine the tooling. After revising the tool design, the users can then re-export and re-simulate the sheet metal forming process to evaluate the revisions. Users can iterate the design until specifications are met and they are satisfied with the result, all without building a physical tool or bending real metal. This iterative simulation process improves efficiency and greatly reduces the need for wasteful trial-and-error “cut it and try it” iterations in physical tooling. 

The Auto plastic parts are popular since the high precision by local business partners, his factory scale will have an expansion, so he came to us for business order again, at the meanwhile, we get the postive feedback.

Engineers can now simulate the entire progressive die stamping process with the AutoForm-ProgSim software. Drawing, flanging, forming and trimming operations and springback evaluation are new among the capabilities of the tool introduced and demonstrated by sheet metal forming software tool leader AutoForm Engineering GmbH at FABTECH 2017. 

With the technology developing, we are pursing the more advanced and precise molding tools to make spare parts for any industrys. consumers requests are always be priority for all. Feiya as a manufacturer of progressive stamping die molding tools, we will commit to improve the technology skills and customers service together.



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