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Platic injection molding tooling maintenance instruction facility

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Plastic Mold has provided plastic injection molding service, water injection molding, tooling and fabrication, assembly, logistics, spare parts manufacturing and more to a diverse array of customers nationwide for over 13 years. We’ve been in the business of production for a long time, but we began to notice a service our customers were requesting: repair, maintenance, and modification needs for existing molds. Thanks to our highly capable tool room, we’re able to easily handle our own mold repair and maintenance needs, but it became obvious that more and more customers were looking for a reliable partner for this service as well.


If you’re in need of repair, maintenance, or modifications but don’t require production, FEIYA can get the job done in just a few, hassle-free steps. We’ll discuss your problem and come up with a strategy for its solution before given you a detailed quote and turnaround time. We’ll complete the request and sample the mold in house for quality assurance, at which point we can make further alterations if needed. Customers are also welcome to sample molds themselves. UPM most commonly provides work for the following issues:


  • Parting line (flash) repair

  • Microwelding

  • Welding

  • Hot runner repairs

  • Elector system repairs

  • Complete mold refurbishments


  • Hot runner maintenance

  • Vent maintenance

  • Cooling line flush & cleaning

  • Mold cleaning

  • Ejection pin wear

  • Replace o-rings in water lines

  • Ejector pin bore wear maintenance

For above guides for the maintenance, you can feel free to contact us for something confused. thanks.



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