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How does Plastic Injection Work?

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The plastic injection molding process is commonly used for producing various types of plastic parts ranging from toys to the medical equipment. Whether we talk about the aerospace industry or move to the automotive industry; most of the parts in these premises are made up using plastic injection molding.

Even if you observe things around us for a while, the chances are that you will find several items made up of plastic material; and the process to complete that structure is probably plastic injection molding in most cases. Reports reveal that the plastic molding industry has gone through several changes within past few years and today the advanced processes have greatly reduced the overall time to the market.

How does the plastic injection molding process work?

If we talk about the basic manufacturing process used in the injection molding; first of all, the machines are used to melt the plastic material and then the substance is injected into some high-pressure conditions in the mold. The material is cooled by a certain cooling factor that ultimately solidifies the structure. The ultimate product is released by using two halves of the mold. As a result, you will obtain a product having shape same as that of the predetermined model.


In order to make the production process easier, it is important to design the plastic injection molding process with more care. The products that are made up using plastic injection molding machines are first developed by trained engineers or designers. After this, the mold maker helps to develop mold using aluminum or steel.

The process of injection molding follows these simple steps: First of all, the mold is placed into the machine that is used for plastic injection molding. With the help of the clamping tools, the molding machine helps to close the mold. Note that, it stays in closed position until the injection molding process is complete. Now this plastic is further applied to the IMM in the form of some pellets or granules. The molding machine helps to heat the plastic to bring it to the liquid form, and then nozzle injects melted plastic directly into the mold. At this stage, the cavity of mold gets filled with the liquid plastic material. Later this plastic is cooled down to get the final solid product. The ejector helps to push the ultimate production out of the design machine, and the injection molding process is complete.



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