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How Much does It Cost for a Pound of Plastic?

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For those who have been involved in the plastic injection molding, you will agree with me that this could be one of the most expensive aspects of a project. Considering the various factors that influence this high cost, the plastic raw material is very significant. Other aspects could be the number of parts, the size, and intricacy of the parts as well as the level of work that is involved in the entire injection molding process.

The cost of all the manufactured goods will depend on the individual costs of the materials in addition to the labor input. However, the pricing of the molding is dependent on the price of the plastic. While the cost of plastic would, in turn, depend on the weight that would be sufficient for the entire project.

Now, this article will concentrate more on the vast array of plastics and their costs as well as what it will take to secure the tooling machine from a credible supplier of plastic injection mold.

Cost of plastics as raw material

There are lots of products and processes that use plastics due to its light weight, strength and a wide range of design applications.

There are no one-price-fits-all when it comes to the cost of plastics. Why? This is because of the varying grades of plastics and other national policies which may have much influence on the price.

In the various industries that utilize plastics, the prices vary immensely. The cost of plastic per pound, just like other products bought in bulk, might drop as the demand increases.

Price per pound

There are lots of variations in the pricing. For example, there is a steady decrease in the current average price of post-consumer PET beverage bottles and jars which currently trades at about 13.59 cents per pound. Over the past month. 

The cost of plastic parts as a product of the injection molding process is partly defined by the cost of the bulk material. There is the tendency to have low customers willing to pay more per pound of the material if the number of parts is high.

However, other hidden costs include the storage of the material. The faster a customer receives the parts, the lower the cost of storage because storage of bulk material is usually expensive.

Other costs

So far, there are other costs which may be incurred in addition to the price of plastic per pound such as the engineering process and even the cost of maintaining the machine. However, it is very important to be explicit with your decision when you contact any supplier of injection molding. Having a well-designed and optimal injection molding tool will go a long way in saving you money as well as time in the entire process.

In conclusion, there are no specific costs of plastics per pound as it will depend on the grade, state policies as well as other variables.


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