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What Is a Plastic Injection Molding Process?

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The use of plastic injection molding is widely used in the production of plastic components. It could be from toys, in the aerospace industry, medical equipment, and the automotive industry. Many parts of the examples listed are made using the plastic injection molding. It is popular and known today because almost everything around is a plastic object and most likely are made using the injection molding machine. In summary, the plastic injection molding process is a process used to produce all sorts of plastic parts.

This process of plastic injection is very fast, it is meant to produce a large number of plastic products all of which should be made in a short time span. These days, the materials used are for example thermoplastic, elastomer, thermoset, and the metals. There are high-performance plastics that can withstand high temperatures, these plastics are gradually replacing the metals.

process of plastic injection molding

How does the process work?

How does the manufacturing process of plastic injection molding take place? the first thing that happens in the whole process is the plastic been melted in the plastic injection molding machine, the plastic is then injected into a mold under a very intense pressure. the material is then cooled, after which it would turn solid. It will then be released by opening two halves of the mold, it results in a plastic product, but not any form. It turns to the form you want it initially (predetermined form).

Any product made by this plastic injection process must be carefully designed, this design is done by an industrial engineer or a designer. After this, a mold maker creates the mold, the mold is made from aluminum or steel. All essential conditions are considered by the toolmaker. The conditions taken into note includes:

·         The features of the product

·         The materials used for the end product

·         Including the material of the mold and the properties of the plastic

The process cycle of the injection molding consists of the following steps: Firstly, the mold is placed into the injection molding machine known as IM. Then, the molding machine closes the mold, the mold then stays closed by the clamping tools, the mold will then stay closed as the plastic injection mold is on.

So, there you have it, that’s all you need to know about the plastic injection molding process.


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