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Connector injection mold Advantages and disadvantages ?

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The advantage of inlaying mold structure:


1.Product molding: flexibly split inserts , use inserted die to coordinate the gap exhaust which is conducive to melt filling, forming a very small, thin plastic bit to fit product miniaturization requirements.

2.Mold manufacture: Inserts be machining by grinder and EDM, the process is easy to operate, the interchangeability of parts is good and high precision; By grinder and EDM is also easy to polishing in the demould direction , corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

3.Mold design: The spare mold parts can be used the most suitable material to extended mold life.

4.Mold maintenance: By storing standardized mold core and inserts, replacing wearing parts, reducing maintenance costs to extend mold life.

5.Product design: By changing partial small inserts to achieve the purpose of improving products to reduce the development cost.


The disadvantage of inlaying mold:

The large number of parts, big mold structure, long cycle and high cost of mold manufacturing.

The requirements of machining: Parts be finished by quenching,grinding and processing. The assembly dimensions be asked high precision grinding. According to product requirement which is asked high precision EDM and wire cutting machining  too.



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