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The combination and split principle of injection mold core

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1. According to the shape and function of molding to consider split to ensure product be easy to plastic  injection molding and good manufacturing technique. If as much as possible to split into the shape of the workpiece suitable for grinding, and pay more attention to improving EDM processing to decrease manufacture cost.

2. The mold design standardization should be taking into consideration during split, should facilitate assembly and disassembly, maintenance, reduce work intensity and save maintenance costs.

3. Split is not the thinner the better, split too thin will reduce the strength of the mold core which lead to easy wear or damage,it  is not conducive to production and maintenance. And the number of inserts more and will accumulate more tolerance , which will need to improve the injection  processing precision of each part. This will lead to manufacture work time increasing , meanwhile will make the manufacture cost increase.



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