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why Canon camera parts can be found easily in the market ?

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Most of camera parts are made by plastic injection molding ,which  is the mass production of some complex shape parts used as a processing method, mainly used in industrial field.Injection molding process for the heat melting materials by high pressure cavity, after cooling solidification, get molded products; divided  into two kinds of thermosetting plastic mould, thermoplastic plastic mold according to the forming characteristics ,high precision is another request for the injection molded parts , a camera composed of thousands parts made by plastic injection mold supplier .Canon as a famous professional camera , the parts precision and the volume are qualified and abundant.


One camera matches with a lot of special parts ,like lens , buttons ,  MRC-UV, tripod and so on , all these parts you can find easily in the market to match your unique camera ,when you lost one of them , or one of them is broken , when you get to market , the repairman will match right camera injection mold parts to your camera , then will be perfect .

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