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Using Pressure Transducers in Plastic Injection Mold Making

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Today pressure transducers are used by most successful injection mold making companies to help add value to their molds. Injection molders have used pressure transducers to monitor many different aspects of molding since the 1960’s. This trend in plastic injection molding has been met with increasing growth.

As the plastic injection molding process is heavily influenced by the growing globalization and an uncertain economy, it has become logical to add high value to the finished product. Recently, the applications of the pressure transducers are more robust than ever due to the fact that it can now be designed and installed in a greater variety of locations, with varying purposes.


In the global market today, we have Pressure Transducers Suppliers one of which is the Kistler Pressure Transducer. With this pressure transducer, there is an increase in the chances of winning contracts. This is because this process demonstrates that the molder actually employs scientific molding process rather than the conventional methods being used.

Now, the next question is: why the use of a pressure transducer supplier?

The use of a pressure transducer is quite important because it helps the mold makers to gain precise and accurate data about how the tool is actually performing in production. Let’s look at some of the types of info that could actually be gained from using a pressure transducer supplier in the plastic injection molding process thus:

  • How different cooling temperatures affect the outcome of the part.

  • What kind of effect varying temperatures have on the final part.

  • How different fill speeds affect the balance of the tool.

  • To help with the design of a more robust core and cavity.

  • To obtain accurate information when using slides and the effect of molding pressure on the components.

Why not just use simulation software

To give a quick answer to this question it is important to take a detailed comparison of simulated results with actual in-process data.

It is important to ensure that the pressure transducers are properly installed. Not just that, it needs to be working properly and should actually be used in the molding process.

The use of pressure transducer information to help the customer

A customer who has just spent many thousands of dollars will most likely benefit greatly from the precise and detailed information you can provide. Pressure sensors were rather delicate in the past, as well as difficult to install.


Now, the model for pressure sensors can be electronically sent from the customer to the mold maker with the aid of solid modeling. This greatly helps to avoid the possibility of a poor location or improper installation.



Pressure transducers can help the mold maker to gain a competitive edge when used as value added injection mold components. Due to the increase in the global market competition, there is a steady increase in sophistication. A good example of adding a valuable service to help the customer can be seen in the use of the pressure sensors which are part of the pressure transducers.


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