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Plastic Injection Molding Serves Various Industries

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Many techniques make it possible for industries to produce plastic elements. Among them, there is particularly plastic injection molding. This process involves shaping plastics by molding technique. It is for this reason that this technique is also called injection molding. The advantages of this technique to the industries are numerous, although it also has some limitations. Let’s take a look at them thus:


Plastic Injection, Not To Be Confused With Thermoforming

Plastic injection and thermoforming are radically different even though most of us often confuse them. With thermoforming, we use a plastic plate that will soften under the effect of heat before giving shape through a mold. Plastic injection uses fused plastic pellets in an oven. This leaves plastic in the state close to the liquid, which makes it possible to inject it by pressure into a closed mold.


The Speed of the Process, the Advantage of Injection Molding

The process is much faster with injection molding since the machine automatically performs the job. The pressure injection of the liquid plastic allows it to marry faster the shape of the mold. Once the plastic has cooled down, the part is ready and the machine can move to another room. Moreover, a plastic injection machine can be equipped with several molds per press to produce a large quantity in a very short time.


The Precision of the Piece Produced

Precision is one of the major advantages of plastic injection. The parts produced by are flawless, which explains why even the aeronautical industry, at the forefront in terms of technique, chooses this technique to produce parts of great precision, for the form, but also for the density of the parts to be produced. Electronics manufacturers often use this option to make high quality cases that can withstand all conditions of use, outdoors or under water for equipment for pools and ponds.


Raw Material and benefit to the Economy

Plastic injection uses thermoplastic, a particularly recyclable raw material. It can indeed be recast several times without the recycling affects the characteristics of the material. It can therefore be said that the production of plastic by injection is the most ecological.


Some Disadvantages to Remember For Injection Molding

The disadvantages that can be found in this process are rare, but we can still mention the need to create a mold that can take a little more time. Indeed, this step is certainly the longest of the process. Nevertheless, when the mold is ready, the production can follow each other quickly. In the end, the time spent mold modeling can be overtaken by the speed of production.


Another disadvantage if we can consider it so is that the injection molding is rather reserved for large productions. It seems indeed useless to resort to the long process of creation of the mold for a production unit. It would be a waste of time and a considerable investment that is not worth it. Plastic injection gives its best performance with a high quantity production.


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