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Two colors plastic injection molding advantages

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Basics of Molding Process

The preliminary thing to do while studying about a process or its benefits is to know what that process is about and its basic principles. So before we go into the details and the benefits of a two-color plastic molding process, we should know what it is. As its name suggests, it is the process of molding two colors of plastic material at the same time, for example, this process makes a multi-colored toothbrush.


Injection molding produces parts by forging liquid plastic into a shape where it cools and solidifies. Granular plastic is allowed to flow by gravity from a container into a warped barrel. As a screw-type plunger moves the granules, the plastic is constrained into a warming chamber, where it is softened. As the plunger propels further, the liquefied plastic is restricted through a nozzle into the cavity. The formed shape generally remains cool, so the plastic cements nearly when the mold is filled.

Why use injection molding?

Now that we know the basics of what this process is about let’s come to the main topic in the limelight that is what its advantages are. The first and foremost advantage which is the most focused advantage for factories that is its cost of production. The cost of production for items significantly goes down using a two colored plastic injection molding.

Injection molding helps in creating products of complex geometry. Injection molding provides minimal cost at any amount of product being produced. This strategy for making plastic parts is flexible to a great degree for delivering an extensive variety of components with a brilliant finish. Any 2D or 3D shape can be created. A draft is required much of the time as the form must permit ejection from the mold. Side holes and even threaded holes are possible though they require complex tooling.

Reduction is cost is a primary factor

Plastic injection molding service is available through which we can design and structure using CAD software, so what this plastic injection molding service does is that is creating your customized structure using the model you created in the CAD software. Another advantage of this molding is that it reduces the part assembly required for the creation of an object, so it further reduces the cost of the product. It increases the possibility of adding mechanical features to an object. It incorporates innovation into a product and increases its worth by making it aesthetically eye-catching.

Injection molding spare parts can be produced easily which makes the availability of repair much easier for the products that are already rolled in the market. Injection molding machines are generally used to perform this process. These machines are considered to be relatively expensive, but the best part about them is that if somehow they stop working or a part becomes damaged injection molding spare parts are easily available in the market.

This technology is quite popular in the industry since it has so many advantages and can be used for a wide range of objects. Applications range from simple household items like a toothbrush to more heavy duty construction of items like construction tools.


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