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The Importance of Metal Stamping and Metal Fabricated Parts

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Metal stamping is the process of making metal parts to obtain more exact shapes and sizes. The procedure of metal stamping provides greater precision and performance than that of forging with an open matrix.

The main tool used in this process is the stamp, which are steel molds with cavities or interior holes called grooves, whose contours correspond to those of the piece to be made.

Importance of Metal Stamping

The stamping of metals is excellent for the electrical industry, automotive and urbanism. For this reason there are different ways to use the results because they are also intended for the development of working materials, sausages, among others.

The well-known metal stamping is a technique or process that is carried out with compression plates, where the deformation of metal stamping parts occurs with two molds on the metal piece that you want to transform for the manufacture of metal decorative elements, identification plates, stamping of coins, among others.

Stamping of sheets (die cutting) is used to make thin-walled pieces made from alloy sheets or different metals.

Let’s look at the Sheet metal printing operations and their importance and applications thus;

Cutting by die: it is applied to manufacture pieces of flat shapes; the die-cutting is made from a cutter die, which is composed of the die and the punch.

Bent: used to give various shapes to the sheets.

Sausage: used to obtain cup-shaped pieces from a sheet of metal.

This type of stamping can be simple, when the whole process is carried out in a single operation; and combined, when the operations are carried out individually.

The cold sheet stamping process is carried out with the help of presses of different types.

By this method, pieces of low carbon steels, stainless steels, non-ferrous alloys and non-metallic materials are manufactured. Fundamentally it is used in mass productions.


Materials with Metal Stamping

The stamping by sheet metal is a cold technique that allows the development of vehicle panels, doors, roofs, hood, etc., large and small pieces, meanwhile, the sheet metal stamping allows to produce hollow or concave pieces such as pans, glasses, etc.

Another technique of metal stamping that uses metal sheets is that of riveting, although unlike the previous one it can be used in cold or heat for the realization of airplanes and metal boxes. With the folding of sheet metal can be obtained tool boxes, doors and walls of elevators, metal cabinets, mailboxes, among others.

The progressive stamping die technique is very noble to transform and create materials of indispensable use for industries, there are other very important techniques such as metal extrusion that allows to produce elongated pieces such as seamless tubes, handrails, lamps, etc,

The world as it is now known and the tools and objects which are applied in the day-to-day industrial activities were created using the techniques of metal stamping. Progressive stamping die and automation allows for better designs of the pieces as perfection is sought in the details.


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