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A Plastic Injection Mold Maker and A Day In His Life

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Plastic Injection Molding is a method in which the mold makers use to produce plastic items. This procedure is not too complex at all. However, there are many steps which the mold makers have to follow to complete the Injection Mold process.

There was a time when mold makers need to follow the typical ways to finish the Injection Mold procedure. Nonetheless, the new molding machines are available in the market. Each device has the latest technological innovation, which makes it efficient.

Plastic Injection Molding

The latest molding machines are known as the injection presses. They have two main parts, which include the clamping unit and the injection unit. With the help of this machine, the mold makers can easily fasten the molds in a horizontal or vertical position. An option of hot and cold runner systems is available for carrying the plastic into the cavities of mold. Still, it depends on the item that the mold makers want to produce.


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