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High-end precision manufacturing CNC machining technology

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Before you can have a full understanding of how precision manufacturing CNC machining came on board to transform the manufacturing and designing market, there is need to take a quick look at the basics of the CNC machines.

CNC Machining Technology


What Is Precision Machining?

Precision machining is built to work with Computer-Aided Manufacturing as well as Computer-Aided Design to help a precision machinist achieve the most precise measuring, trimming and shaving off a piece of material to the exact specifications.

Precision CNC machining is employed is the manufacture of a range of tools and equipment such as;

1.Wind and solar components

2.Surgical instruments

3.Aerospace components and other high-precision materials


How Precision Manufacturing CNC Machining Work?

Computer Numeric Control (CNC) equipment came as the saviour to salvage excesses in the level of precision with manual machines.

So, in CNC machining, the operator operates the machine using CAM or CAD application software in order to issue an instruction that can be understood by the CNC machines.

And since these machines are designed and built to work with a very high degree of precision, they work and produce products and results that have little or negligible deviations.

For instance, when producing some customized precision CNC machining products, the tolerance level can be as low as 0.0001” which is different and way lower than the tolerance level of between 0.005 - 0.008” as found in the normal CNC machines.

With this, manufacturers can produce complex components and shapes with a level of precision which cannot be obtained with a standard or regular hand or CNC machining.


Types of Precision Manufacturing CNC Machining Technology

Precision CNC machining comes in a different size, shapes and functionality, and each is designed to perform a specific task such as object trimming, shaving, and even customized progressive stamping of materials.

The various types or forms in which the precision CNC machining exist are as follows;

1.CNC milling

2.CNC turning

3.3-axis CNC machining

4.Indexed 5-axis CNC milling

5.Indexed CNC machining 3+2 axis

6.Multi-axis CNC machining

7.Continuous 5-axis CNC milling machining

8.Mill turning CNC centres

9.5-axis CNC machining

Working Principle of the Precision CNC Machining Technology

Whether you are producing a customized precision CNC machining product or a customized progressive stamping of any object using the precision CNC machining, there are two basic ways in which these machines work.

1. Turning

Here, a cutting tool like a late is used in reducing the diameter of an object usually in a cylindrical manner. Turning in precision CNC machines is most important for short-run volumes and for prototypes.

2. Milling

Here, a multipoint cutter or a milling cutter tool is used for creating a stepped or flat surface. In most case, the process of milling in a precision CNC machine is used as a secondary operation that adds some final and finishing features to an object with a custom design.


Take Away

While the manufacturing and designing stage gets very competitive by the day, stepping your processes up with the use of a precision CNC machining can be the only game-changer you need to stay relevant in your chosen niche.

With this, you are sure of producing components and parts that are precisely what is expected.

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