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Best Stamping Die Parts Determines Volvo Car Quality

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Volvo Car Daqing Factory mainly produces Volvo's new S90 luxury sedan. Once it is launched, it is recognized by consumers and becomes the pillar of Volvo’s automotive executive-class sedan market. Whether it is the AutoR smart driving team, media or expert judges, they are also impressed by the quality, performance and Zhilian configuration of Volvo's new S90 luxury sedan, and have given a high rating.

In particular, the automatic driving assistance system on Volvo's new S90 luxury sedan has reached the L2+ level of autopilot, which is the highest degree of automation in domestic cars. From these perspectives, Volvo Car's Daqing plant has created a truly high-end model and the Zhilian model. This is the true basis and strong support for its advanced vehicle manufacturing technology.

The Daqing plant of Volvo Car broke ground on July 3, 2011. The factory occupies a total area of 8,333,000 square meters. In order to achieve the "global benchmarking factory" position, Volvo will "Volvo Car Manufacturing System" (VCMS) landed in Daqing factory. In this automated press line, the robot used is ABB's molded spare parts newly developed product, which is also tailor-made for Volvo Cars and more in line with the production needs of Volvo Cars. Although the robot's working methods are more complex, it also guarantees a high standard of quality requirements in cooperation with robots and control programs that are customized by the supplier for the Daqing factory. 

Stamping die: Achieving High Accuracy with Automation Volvo Cars Daqing Plant's stamping shop is a fully automated production line that can quickly and automatically change molds within 3 minutes. Even switching between different part productions can be completed in only 7 minutes, and the production efficiency is extremely high, which is a top level in the world.

Due to the high quality requirements of Volvo cars, the quality and precision of stamping dies are very important. Therefore, most of the stamping dies for Volvo's new S90 luxury sedan use the high-precision mold provided by Japan's Ebara Corporation to ensure its excellent surface quality and extremely high dimensional accuracy. The technical director of the stamping plant in Daqing once said: “When Volvo Cars evaluates a good or bad thing, it doesn’t use price to measure it, but pays more attention to intrinsic value. If we think this thing is good, we have very high quality for our products. Even if it is very expensive, we will use it at no cost. Every decision we make is based on how to improve quality and quality. That means everything must comply with Volvo’s global standards. In order to ensure that our products have a globally uniform quality."

As small as a bolt, a solder joint, as well as steel progressive stamping punching die, paint spraying, every process of Volvo Car Daqing factory embodies strict quality control and adherence to the “human-respect” brand concept. It is in such a manufacturing plant that a Volvo brand new S90 luxury sedan made in China is driven off the production line and delivered to the user. Higher manufacturing standards and more sophisticated production processes also give Volvo confidence in manufacturing in China. It can be said that cultivating quality and controlling quality strictly not only brings long-term benefits to the Volvo brand itself, but also brings benefits to the technological advancement of the Chinese auto industry and has achieved a win-win situation.

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