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Auto progressive stamping die components will be hot sale

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The main auto parts manufactured by the company are steel products that can be integrated into the interiors or exteriors of the vehicle. These products are divided into three main categories BIW, chassis, and mechanisms (Edscha). BIW encompasses large component parts, assemblies, and high-quality surfaces that are used to create the visible exterior skin of a vehicle. Chassis comprises the bottom part of the vehicle that links the body and the powertrain and carries the load of the vehicle. Mechanisms products include parts like the hood, side and rear doors and lift-gates, as well as pedal systems and hand brakes that enable the user to open and shut the vehicle.


The company caters to several markets such as automotive; lock and builder hardware; plumbing; heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); and lawn equipment. In the automotive segment, the company has the following product line: airbags, brakes, cooling systems, emission control, fuel delivery, lighting, motors, sensors, and power outlets.

Lindy Manufacturing

The company manufactures metal stamping & machined parts, precision metal stamping, progressive stamping dies, custom stamped metal parts, and assemblies. Material stampings services that the FEIYA offers are metal stamping, stainless steel stamping, precision stamping, aluminum stamping, brass stampings, galvanized steel stamping, bronze stamping, copper stamping, iron stamping, zinc plated, and chrome plated stamping. The company focuses on manufacturing products like blanks, bearings, stamped parts, brackets, and several other small and critical components.

Batesville Tool & Die

The company is the global supplier of precision stamping components. It caters to major industries like automobile, appliances, and other heavy industries. It provides the following metal stamping services: tool & die, metal stamping, and assembly.

All-New Stamping

The company offers high-quality precision stamped components. It has expertise in designing, material selection, and manufacturing. It mainly serves the aerospace and medical industries. The company manufactures components for other industries such as the automotive, electronics, marine, recreational, music, and energy industries.

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