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Wire Merminals Making Ways of Progressive Stamping Die

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For  wire terminals connectors, how much do you know about this?  I suppose you know this little spare parts by your handy electrical equipments if you are familiar, such as mobile cellphone, computer, ipad and so on, all these equipments can be used until they full filled electricity, this wire terminals connectors are necessary to all electrical equipments. little spare parts can decide if the equipment can be used in normal.

Today,  we are not talking about how important it is, then what we are talking now? We will discuss how this little spare parts be made?  As you know, the connectors in our cellphone as you can see made in metal basically,and you are not sure what kind metal it is, it is made in copper since the density and hardness by stamping die process that one of the molding fabricating way. 

Stamping die is a way to improve and increase the spare parts or components production efficiency, normally it is progressive stamping die as usual. for example, FEIYA is a supplier of customized stamping die parts and injection molding parts.  we have professional machines introduced from oversea to make mold best. then the accessories quality will be as well as wished. electrical equipments accessories ask high precision stamping die of wire terminals to match be exquisite.

First, you should make the mold of the stamping die according the progressive stamping die design,  then use the copper or the steel metal sheet on the mold, facilitate the theory and program to make the electrical wire terminals crimping, the precision can be controlled by our high quality brand machines to be ±±0.002.  therefore, the terminals can goes well with the electrical devices.



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