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What are the classification of injection molding machine?

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The injection machine can be clssified in to standard injection machine, PET injection machine, PVC injection machine, according to which material the suitable to, can also be classified into standard machine, variable pump machine and servo motor machine according to its motor and can be classified into electial injection machine, hydraulic injection machine and hybrid injection machine accoording to its power source. 

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Steam injection molding which is also referred to as RHCM.normal one . Rapid Heat Cycle Molding. In general ABS material is used as the raw material. The primary advantage of steam injection is that it eliminates weld-lines on molded parts. This allows companies to eliminate future processes such as painting from the production process. In non steam molding, water will heat the tool to a constant temperature (say 60 degrees). Plastic will be injected to the warm tool. 

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In steam molding, steam is injected at 160 degrees to heat the tool. When the tool reaches a predetermined temperature (about 140 degrees) the plastic is injected. Cold water is immediately added to the process to cool the plastic down to around 40 degrees. Because the mold is so hot when the plastic is injected, there are no weld lines & you should end up with a 'perfect' product. Steam injection molding is now being extensively used to produce the front covers of LCD TVs.

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