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The Problems in Processing of Injection Molding and How to solve them ?

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The pore size increases, the error is big ‍in the processing of  injection molding , so why it happens? And how to solve this problem?The reasons are below :

‍1. The design size of the reamer diameter is over ,

2.Large cutting edge burr;Cutting speed is too high;

3.Improper feeding or machining allowance is too large;

4.Reamer main Angle is too large ;

5.Reamer bending ;Hinge on the cut

ting edge to the chip tumor;

6.The hinge cutting edge grinding of runout error;

7.Cutting fluid selection is not appropriate;

8.Installing a reamer taper shank surface oil was not clean, or cone have knocked wounded;

9.Taper shank of the flat end offset load of machine tool spindle taper shank taper after intervention;

10.Main shaft bending or spindle bearing too loose or damaged;

11:Floating reamer is not flexible;

12.With workpiece coaxial and hands when hand reaming force not evenly, make the reamer sway.


How to solve these problems to make the injection molded processes be smoothly?

According to the specific situation reduce the reamer diameter appropriately.Lower cutting speed;Appropriate adjustment of feeding or reduce machining allowance.Appropriate primary Angle.Alignment or scrap bending can't use the reamer;With oil stone carefully trimmed to qualified;Control of runout in allowed range;Choose good cutting fluid cooling performance;Before install the reamer must be reamer taper shank and spindle taper hole internal greasy dirt rub-up, cone has a knock against Michael hui light oil;Grinding reamer flat tail;Adjust or replace the spindle bearing;Readjust the floating head, and adjust the alignment;Pay attention to proper operation.


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