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Progressive Stamping Die Terminals are Used Widely

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Progressive stamping dies terminals are made of tool steel to withstand the high shock loading involved, retain the necessary sharp cutting edge, and resist any abrasion forces involved. The progressive stamping die is placed into a reciprocating stamping press. As the press moves up, the top die moves with it, which allows the material to feed. When the press moves down, the die closes and performs the progressive stamping die operation. With each stroke of the press, a completed part is removed from the die.

A feeding system pushes a strip of metal as it unrolls from a coil through all of the stations of a progressive stamping die. Each station performs one or more operations until a finished part is made. Additional work is done in each “station” of the progressive stamping die.  The carrying web, along with material that is punched away are knocked down or out of the dies, and then ejected from the die set.

The number of features determines what tooling and how many stations the progressive stamping die will have. Many companies advise keeping the number of features as simple as possible to keep the cost of the progressive stamping die tooling to a minimum. They may want extra clearance for the punch, which could result in another station. It can also be problematic to have narrow cuts and protrusions. This is not a practical approach as the part needed may have features that need to be close together. The progressive stamping die design should not be a reflection of the limitations of the designer or the shop.


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