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Plastic Injection Molding: past, Present and Future

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Plastic injection molding has been around for a while, and it keeps increasing in significant every day, but before we go into details about its evolution, I would like us to have a good understanding of what plastic injection molding is all about.

 plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding is simply a process that utilizes a technology that melts plastic pieces and injects them into molds for further uses. Before further use, the molds undergo a process of chilling which allows the plastic to solidify and become harden and set properly for use. Once this is done, the plastic is completely ready for varieties of application and uses.



Past of Plastic Molding

The concept of carrying out plastic injection molding started in the 19th century and was never popular because it was a new technology until later after a series of successful productions. The 1850s marked the beginning of plastic forms, which were extremely difficult to manipulate due to imperfection in the technology during that period. However, the thing took a different turn in the 1870s where the practice of plastic injection molding became fully operational. This led to the development of malleable forms, which allowed manufacturers to increase in speed and efficiency of the formation of the plastics. In addition to the speed and accuracy, the level of customization also increased which made the production of parts and pieces to fixed specification for a wide array of application.


Plastic Injection Molding Today

Although plastic injection molding suffered many challenges in the past, you cannot compare what we have today with what was present in the 80s and 90s. plastic injection moulding process now offers a versatile and better means of producing several parts and product. It allows for the manipulation of melting point and composition to manufacture several plastics. With unique advantages and benefits for different applications. This makes it possible to effectively combine modern plastics with other materials to promote more functionalities, textures, coloring, etc. Manufacturing actually took a new turn, which we now enjoy today due to the development of screw injection machine by James Watson Hendry. He later made things better with the introduction of gas-assist to the machine, which allows for the creation of hollow pieces that require less cooling time compared to standard components.


Plastic Injection Molding Future

With the increase in creativity, technological advancement, and the invention of better materials. The future of plastic injection moulding companies appears very bright because some factors, which will be listed below will be properly put in place.


  • There will be a perfectly customized feature that would enable manufacturers to utilize precision technology to uniquely create a quality piece to a defined specification


  • There will be a drastic reduction in cost and streamlining process due to the development of improved light-weight material and automated system which would enable the work flow to be faster.


  • More eco-friendly materials would be developed due to an increase in its demand, which results from the awareness of the change in climatic condition and several environmental factors.


Although several things have been developed and we enjoy a better functional technology today, but the future of precision plastic injection moulding holds more surprises than we imagine.


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