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Injection mold of the seven major components

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The basic structure of the injection mold is divided into seven parts: molding part, pouring system, guiding mechanism, ejector, lateral type and core pulling mechanism, cooling heating system and exhaust system according to its function.

1. Molding parts It refers to the parts that make up the mold cavity.

 Mainly include: punch, die, core, forming rod, forming ring and inserts and other parts.

2. Pouring system It refers to the mold from the injection molding machine nozzle to the cavity until the plastic flow channel.

Ordinary pouring system is composed of the main channel, diversion channel, gate, cold material and so on.

3. Guide in the plastic mold, the main positioning, guidance, to withstand the role of a certain side of the pressure to ensure that dynamic and fixed mold die accurate. The clamping mechanism consists of a guide post, guide sleeve or guide hole (directly on the template), positioning cone and other components.

4. The ejection device mainly from the mold out of the role of the workpiece, by the top of the jack or pipe or push plate, the top plate, the top of the fixed plate, reset rod and pull rod and so on.

5. Lateral type and core pulling mechanism

 6. Cooling heating system 

7. Exhaust system. Sub-documents should be complete.


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