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How the molding tools make the Auto plastic parts?

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TheAutomotive plastic parts manufacturing is our largest market at FEIYA Mold. We have been an automotive parts supplier of injection molds and injection molded parts for over 13 years. Through the years we have seen many different automotive plastic parts. Some of the parts we have been able to specialize in are: instrument panels/clusters, overhead consoles and electronic components. FEIYA’s highly skilled engineering department is able to utilize design for manufacturing knowledge to ensure high quality automotive plastic parts. With our expertise we can guarantee a quality molding tool built to fit your needs in the fastest possible lead time.

Our mold tooling department is what our company was founded on. We provide quality tools faster than our competition. FEIYA Mold specializes on prototype and low volume projects. We are known as the plastic injection tooling experts and we can reduce cost and lead-time by using an aluminum mold. Our molds produce the highest quality plastic parts for the automotive industry.

FEIYA’s tooling and engineering department will work side by side with your team to ensure the best mold for the job. so you can make sure the molding tools are the one you need, We  provide Design-For-Manufacturing and Mold Flow Analysis to give you an idea exactly what the tool will produce.

Automotive plastic parts are the most common products in our molding department. We work on on prototype and short-run projects for the automotive industry. the core strength of FEIYA is small to medium sized plastic parts. We are experienced in many different automotive parts. We really excel at providing instrument panels, airbag covers,  electronic components  and so on.

As for different cars ,the automotive plastic components size and color are different, so we can customize the one you need strictly according to your requests.



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