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Feiya introduced new Equipment for high precision injection molding

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In order to make more precise plastic injection molding ,Kunshan Feiya introduced a new equipment which characteristics of Seibu have powerful automatic threading device, the machining accuracy of pitch ±1μm, the range of application of wire diamater Φ0.05-0.3mm and the maximum slope can reach 45 degrees, making it meets the diversification processing needs from simple cavity inserts to complex shape of preicison machining parts. The double positioning of rails and screw ensures the accuracy of the machine, and make sure it can meet various challenges of processing of precision molds spare parts.

To achieve good completely filling of low pressure , smoothness and the balance of cavity.Due to the high response of FFC, precision control of spiral operation, so it can control the flow apex and realize the stable completely filling of low pressure.  Moreover, it can also improve the balance of multi-cavity and combination cavity. this Equipment is good news for both  plastic injection molding suppliers and spare parts manufacturer .

Complete evolution of the third generation direct drive system, the core elements necessary of precise stability forming.Servo motor drive system has no mechanical communication department, but it can enable full closed loop control; It has extremely accurate operation and excellent repeatability stability.It achieves better quality of low inertia and substantially improved the responsiveness and stability.

Promotion of mold precision and stability, protect the mold, and consider the cleanliness of the production environment. Because the average surface pressure, the use of the minimum clamping force detect function and clamping force feedback control, etc. to promote the effective operation of mold exhaust function and of achieve continuous and stable low clamping force.

We will introduce another progressive  stamping dies equipment in near future , then we talk next time.

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