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Do You Know How the Phone Connector is Made?

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With the arrival in Android phones, there have been a great revolution in the production of several phones accessories such as phone molds, battery etc. The phone connector is one of these accessories. There are different types of phone connectors and they are very useful for charging and connecting phones to laptops.


Many high-end android phones and android tablets supports this phone connector. This allows users to connect standard USB input devices like Keyboard, mouse, external storage devices and USB pen drive. Some mobile makers often ship mobile connectors along with the phones but in some cases, you may not find the phone connector as part of your cell phone accessories. What will you do in this situation?   You can either buy a new connector or make one yourself. To make a cell phone connector is very easy if you understand the basic principles behind it.

There are two basic types of USB connector types: there is a USB type A (Female) and The USB type B (Male). In this article, I will briefly explain how you can make your own phone connector at almost zero cost. This procedure requires you make use of your old cable or you can buy a new cable. Also, you need to take note of your phone specification to confirm if it can work with phone connectors.

The first step involves Slicing the Connector Sleeve: 

You need to slice open the micro USB connector end carefully using a knife or a blade. What you will do is to cut the outer sleeve into two halves to show the connector inside. Be careful not to destroy the outer sleeve since we will still glue it back later. When the connector lead is revealed you will find three leads, the power, the data and the ground lead. The next step is to short the data and the ground lead. You can short them permanent by soldering the wires. Shortening of the lead will enable the phone to work in OTG mode. You can add a switch to the leads, this will allow you to switch the connector from normal to OTG mode whenever it is needed.

The final step involves gluing the connector sleeves back: 

To glue the connector sleeve back, you will need to make use of hot glue. When doing this you have to be very careful. The other end of the connector which has the male connector must be converted to the female port before you glue it back. To do this, you have to make use of a USB cord that is no longer in a functional state. Using new USB cord is not advisable as this step need to be done carefully. We will then glue the wires of the USB connector to create a USB female-to-female connector. Once done, we now have an OTG cable ready for use. Just to ensure we do not end up burning our phone, we can use a multimeter to double-check any cable shorting during the gluing stage.

If you follow the above steps, you will be able to make your phone connector in no time.


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