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China International Die & Mould Technology & Equipment Exhibition 2017

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2017 China international mold technology and equipment exhibition jointly organized by the Chinese mould industry association and Shanghai International Exhibition Co., will start from 13th to 16th  June at the Shanghai New International Expo Center , exhibition area will be more than 60000 square meters, five hall E1-E5 hall linkage, from Switzerland, Japan, Germany Italy, France, South Korea, and nearly 20 countries and regions about thousands of exhibitors on the display.

DMC2017 will take "promote lean and collaborative manufacturing, mold development and forming technology" as the theme, traction in the market, continue to focus on the injection mold industry continued upgrading, actively organize the "fine, automation, information technology, integration, networking, intelligent exhibits, the exhibits in the original equipment and technology, mold and material section 3D, increase the increase in material manufacturing, automation, technology and equipment integration, laser processing in mould technology exhibition, integration technology, Internet technology, cloud manufacturing ecosystem concept in mould manufacturing in DMC2017 fully display the new format.


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