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Feiya-top 10 plastic injection molding companies China

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Feiyamold is an industry leader in providing high volume, custom plastic injection molding solutions for a variety of industries. Feiyamold  has been a premier custom plastic injection molder for nearly 13 years. 

We specialize in high volume, precision plastic parts using scientific molding techniques, modern manufacturing equipment, and an ISO 9001:2015 compliant quality management system. We supply high quality products to a wide range of industries, including medical, electronics, data/telecommunication, food and beverage, commercial building products, aerospace, irrigation, and consumer goods, with a focus on small to mid-size parts and components. Additionally, we offer our customers a single source solution to all of their manufacturing needs, including engineering, design, tooling, production, decoration, assembly, packaging, and logistics. Kunshan Feiya is your one-stop source for any plastic injection molded project.

Plastic injection molding processing is accomplished using the latest technologies. Precision molding operations utilize a broad range of machine sizes appropriate to customer requirements. Ongoing equipment replacement programs provide implementation of the latest technologies, beginning in 2004 with the first of three multi-shot component machines. The most recent, which was installed in the new 26,000 sq.ft. annex, has two shot capability.

Operations utilize Servo-Driven Robotics for improved efficiencies. Dedicated teams focus on implementation of Lean Manufacturing Principles. These commitments ensure Feiya and their customer’s success in a competitive global environment.

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