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Stamping presses and stamping dies are tools used to produce high volume sheet metal parts. The press provides the force to close the stamping dies where they shape and cut the sheet metal into finished parts. The most common types of dies perform cutting and forming. Cutting dies are used to shear sheet material into what is called a blank. These blanks are then exposed to blanking dies which cut the entire perimeter of the part, or to forming dies where the blank is stamped into a part. Punching is another function of cutting dies. Punching is the cutting of a slug from the sheet metal stock to produce a hole or slot. Cutting dies are also used to trim excess metal from around a formed part. 

Our cooperation procedures as below normally, pls offer us your designs or requirements,our  engineer will design and make analysis for your needs, then pour the ideas into the products by CNC, great grinding, wire cutting, EDM machining, so that the molding assembling and adjust then make the production for parts.
Professional Team 
design and analysis
Original steel material from 
ASSAB and Germany SCHMOLZ (Material certificated)
CNC, Great grinding, Wire 
cutting, Grinding, EDM machining
Mold assembling and adjusting
How injection mold working? 
Run production
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