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  • Filter Elements: The Longevity Determinant Of Injection Molding Machine


    Filter elements are one of the crucial parts of an injection molding machine. It is one of the most important component and also one of the greatest contributing factors that lengthens the longevity of a machine. More like the human kidney, filter elements functions by circulating fluids that are fr Read More

  • Plastic Injection Molding Suppliers Incorporate New Technology


    The research and development unit together with the plastic injection molding suppliers are working towards achieving more innovative methods of carrying the injection process. The aim is to increase efficiency while minimizing possible damage to the plastic end product. One prominent achievement in Read More

  • Importance Of Gates: A Mold Spare Parts Manufacturer’s View


    To every mold spare parts manufacturer, gates are a core component of the injection molding machine.Gates are usually formed during the process when molten plastic flows into a sprue and the runner system through the machine’s nozzle.In most cases, gates are usually the final section of the runner s Read More

  • Plastics injection: new technologies and applications


    The injection molding is a technique for manufacturing mechanical components very different. The versatility of this method allows plastic parts to be manufactured quickly, with high production levels and low costs. Here, we look at the latest technologies in plastic injectionLet’s get started!Gas a Read More

  • Basic Plastic molding Methods to guide you


    Although it may appear similar to extrusion, injection molding should not be confused with extrusion. In plastic injection, molds are used instead of the die, although the first part of the procedure may seem similar to extrusion.What is plastic injection molding?In an injection molding machine, a p Read More

  • What Type of Stamping Dies Do You Need?


    Every exceptional metal fabrication with consistent design and specification is a function of the right equipment. The China sheet stamp dies plays a key role in the fabrication of quality shapes that meet the needs of various clients.Stamp dies are precision tools that are used in cutting metal she Read More

  • Introduction of Plastic Precision Injection Molding


    Concept of precision injection molding Precision injection molding is a kind of injection molding method, which is difficult to meet the requirements by using general injection molding machine and conventional injection molding process because of the high dimensional repetition precision of the inje Read More

  • How to improve stamping mold parts in stamping mold processing plants?


    As we all know, the length of the stamping die service life greatly affects the quality of the order products of stamping parts, as well as the daily production efficiency. So, in the field of mechanical parts manufacturing, stamping die processing, how to increase the service life of stamping dies Read More

  • Why is the mold part heat treated?


    In order to make metal workpieces have the required mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties, in addition to the reasonable selection of materials and various forming processes, heat treatment processes are often essential. Iron and steel are the most widely used material i Read More

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