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  • Attention: Epidemic Effect Is Reducing, Full Work Resumption Mode Is Starting


    Feiya has already restarted to serve customers. In the next days, we will complete all the orders on time because of enough working force and workers. We always pursue to be the best precision injection molds supplier. In order to ensure the smooth return of employees and continue to serve customers Read More

  • Advanced Processing Technology of Precision Mold Factory


    The precision mold part manufacture is inseparable from advanced processing equipment. The main processes of mold manufacturing include CNC milling, slow wire cutting, EDM, grinding, turning, measurement, automation, etc. This article introduces the advanced equipment and technology of these processes, let's have a look together. Read More

  • FEIYA 2020 Spring Holiday Announcement


    Dear customers! The Spring Festival is the most important festival in the Chinese and even Chinese circles. The Spring Festival usually ends from the first day of the first lunar month to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. The Spring Festival is coming! Due to this public holiday Read More

  • Competitive Chinese Molds--FEIYA Mold


    China is a major mold manufacturing and trading country. There are about 30,000 Chinese mold manufacturing factories and more than 1 million employees. In the past 10 years, Chinese mold industry has been developing rapidly at an average annual growth rate of more than 10%. In 2018, Chinese mold ind Read More

  • Holiday Announcement of 2019 Spring Festival


    Chinese New Year’s holiday is coming, Feiya Precision would like to inform value customers about the Chinese New Year’s Holiday 2019.

    Read More

  • How does Plastic Injection Work?


    The plastic injection molding process is commonly used for producing various types of plastic parts ranging from toys to the medical equipment. Whether we talk about the aerospace industry or move to the automotive industry; most of the parts in these premises are made up using plastic injection mol Read More

  • What Is a Plastic Injection Molding Process?


    The use of plastic injection molding is widely used in the production of plastic components. It could be from toys, in the aerospace industry, medical equipment, and the automotive industry. Many parts of the examples listed are made using the plastic injection molding. It is popular and known today Read More

  • What Is a Runner in a Plastic Injection Mould?


    Each and every plastic part start in a mold and the injection mode is classified into two major groups, hot runner and cold runner. Each one of them has an advantage which it would provide for you during the production. However, it is crucial to have a good understanding of the two different systems Read More

  • What Types of Materials Are Used in Plastic Injection Molding?


    Industries and World, in particular, cannot easily pin down a wide usage and utility schemes of plastics. Despite coming under frequent criticism of being one of the lesser environmental-friendly materials, plastic and its usage are indispensable and numerous heavy machinery industries, somewhere or Read More

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