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News and Events

  • The Importance of Metal Stamping and Metal Fabricated Parts


    Metal stamping is the process of making metal parts to obtain more exact shapes and sizes. The procedure of metal stamping provides greater precision and performance than that of forging with an open matrix. The main tool used in this process is the stamp, which are steel molds with cavities or inte Read More

  • Plastic Injection Molding and Its Advantages


    Injection molding is a process of manufacturing parts by injecting material into a closed mold. Injection molding can be performed with a wide variety of materials, including metals, glass and, in some cases, elastomers and thermoset polymers. Read More

  • The Important Functions of Metal Stamping Dies


    What is the use of stamping? The metal die-cutting machine is used in the metalworking industry. Its functionality is fundamental for this industry since it allows them to carry out diverse operations such as shearing, bending, stamping among others. Read More

  • Plastic Injection Molding: past, Present and Future


    Plastic injection molding has been around for a while, and it keeps increasing in significant every day, but before we go into details about its evolution, I would like us to have a good understanding of what plastic injection molding is all about. Read More

  • The Difference between Stamping Compound Die and Progressive Stamping Die


    Stamping is a term used to describe the process in which flat sheet metal in either blank or coil form is placed into a stamping press, after which a tool and die surface forms the metal into the shape of a net. It also refers to the process in which an engraved die is used to cut and stamp (that is leaving an impression) on a metal sheet, usually to imprint coins or medals. Read More



    Ever increasing competition in the automotive industry demands productivity improvements and unit cost reduction. Managers and engineers in the manufacturing and production of car body panels are changing their strategy of operation. Read More

  • An Introduction to Metal Stamping Machines


    The metal stamping or printing is a type of manufacturing process by which a subjected metal to a compressive load between two molds. By stamping is meant the process for making metal parts or tools from the slab, a method or process to change forming a metal element by means of heat and thus achieve the desired shape and size. Read More

  • The Important Function of Progressive Stamping Die


    The progressive sealing is a metallurgical method that involves drilling, bending, coining, and several other methods to modify the raw material of the metal, in combination with an automatic feed system. Read More

  • How to Make a Quality Injection Mold for High GlossParts


    Despite the various advances in plastic injection mold technology, there are still challenges to produce high gloss parts with high aesthetic requirements, free from the stresses generated in molding and with high dimensional stability, as well as reliably filling thin walls with great tours. Read More

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